Pam PechWelcome! Thank you for viewing the discovery of Self® Website. I hope you find these thoughts relevant and inspire you to start, or continue, having meaningful conversations with the intention of reminding people that their thoughts matter. Reminding them that THEY matter. To help them realize they are not victims.; rather, they are beings of great potential, capable of envisioning and creating solutions the world needs. Especially at this moment in time.

Our world is at a crossroads.

The foundations upon which we have placed our individual and collective beliefs are crumbling before us. The world is waiting, hoping to replace them with new foundations based on love, hope, compassion and collaboration.

Good things ARE happening, yet we rarely hear of, see or experience them.

Instead, war, crime, violence, depression, and anger fill our news cycles daily…moment by moment. Families are stressed and distressed. Children are committing suicide at early ages. Depression is turning into targeted anger and exhibits itself in violence around the world. Generations are being raised believing they are victims, having no worth nor power to change “what is.”

The intention of discovery of Self® is to create dialogues which remind each person of what CAN be created through their visions, their ideas, their individual conscious choices and an enhanced awareness of the individual beliefs driving their choices. We especially emphasize conversations for and with children, who are born with amazing potential but who can be easily discouraged by the chaos and dysfunction around them. We NEED their fresh unencumbered ideas to be fruitful.

We believe this is a moment of change. We are bridges to tomorrow. If you have positive ideas, want to start a discussion (in person or virtual) …please join us by adding your email to our discovery of Self® Connect page, which will inform you of future discussions OR start conversations of your own with people around you.