Below you will find a calendar of events for discovery of Self™ and Pam Pech. Check back for updates!

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What Do You Do With An Idea @ South Valleys Library
Jan 31 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
What Do You Do With An Idea @ South Valleys Library
I would like to invite you to a discussion that Kristian Landing and Chad Hayes, both of whom attended the meeting at The Discovery,  will be leading:

WHAT:  The initial discussion of a series based on the books of Kobi YamadaWhat You Do Matters.© The first beingWhat do you do with an Idea?©
 WHEN:   JANUARY 31st, 2022
WHAT TIME:  3:00 – 5:00 pm
WHERE: South Valleys Library.    15650 Wedge Parkway.   Reno     It is a large yellow building next to Reno Ice Rink.
 TOPIC:   What Do You Do With An Idea?  Discussions on how important it is to put our individual and collective energy into Solution thinking.  In other words…What You DO MATTERS!!
discovery of Self™ is  sponsoring this session and the introduction, but Kris and Chad are the energy behind this event. They have been reaching out to others, asking how we can share ideas and work together, and have brought several new people into the “fold”.  More warriors to help us carry through our visions. My intention for us, from the Oct 20th event, is to be there to hear their stories and determine how “we” can support their voices…or can they help support ours?
 If you are interested in lending support to this generation who wants to start their own group of “warriors”,  add to the dialogue, share your feelings and successes…PLEASE PLEASE JOIN US  AND FEEL FREE TO ASK SOMEONE ELSE TO ATTEND WITH YOU. ESPECIALLY SOMEONE WHO NEEDS TO KNOW THEY MATTER.
 We have reserved a  large room in order to allow distancing and break out groups,  AND because it is a County facility, there will be no food or drink…and  masks are required.
An RSVP would be greatly appreciated so we can plan for materials. – email
My goal is to start conversations with anyone who will listen and launch a 3 year campaign of IDEAS, VISIONS AND SOLUTIONS.  Will you join me? Help Me? Lets Chat….
Please join us. Your contribution and presence would be a joy.