“I want to discover who, if anyone, is gathering energy and doing something about the challenges we are facing, who is putting together a plan or a program, who is launching what effort to accomplish which goal.
I want to know this because I want to connect with these people.

I want to use these resources.
I want to increase my effectiveness as a spiritual helper by joining with others who are holding the same

Ideas I am nursing, and who are moving in the same direction I am going.”

-Neale Donald Walsh, Part of the Change

Connecting Resources was the name of my previous company. But it is more than a company. It is who I am, what I believe and what I do.
One person is strong, united we can accomplish anything.

The individuals, groups, companies on this page are those who are indeed gathering energy toward finding solutions to the challenges we are facing, and whose beliefs are resources …helping us discover and then utilize our skills and abilities to serve the world, moving us toward a better tomorrow.

These people and the services they provide are examples of Conscious Leaders, Thought Leaders: what I lovingly call New Energy Transfer Workers… or N.E.T. Workers. They are transferring their love, compassion and wisdom through their work to the world. It is happening in areas needing change leadership, …education, business, media, government, family …the areas where Abraham Maslow says we find the sacred…in the ordinary , the moments of one’s daily life.

They are provided as resources to you, to investigate like minded programs and processes to assist you in your searches for answers and solutions.

If you and/or your organization would like to be included as a Resource, please fill out the Connection Form on our Connect Page.