discovery of Self® Soul Chats

Conversations initiated through stories created by books, movies, songs which help us learn identify and communicate our feelings, thus discovering who we are.

Vision Boards

Integrating SoulCollage® techniques into a Vision Board process, resulting in a much more intuitive tool for life planning and goal setting.

Essential Leadership

Customized program for individuals or groups to help identify a career path or help focus on a personal goal.

Essential Warrior

Customized program to help identify and personalize a more conscious “spiritual” path to help you achieve your purpose.

Artwork by Ismael Santillanes

discovery of Self® Story Chats

Conversations initiated by stories created by books, movies and music helping children learn to identify and communicate their feelings.
At ages 8-12 and above, dialogues Incorporate literacy techniques, journaling, deep listening to help enhance verbal and reading skills.

Buy Do Be

A series of discussions and projects based on specific books that help children realize the power of their thoughts through their dreams of buying things, doing things, and being someone. Using books to help them verbalize and realize the power of their thoughts.

What You Do Matters

A series of discussions and experiential projects with children based on the 3 book set of Kobi Yamada grouped together as What You Do Matters. Includes What do you do with a problem?, What do you do with an idea?, and What do you do with a Chance?

Photo by Robert Collins, Unsplash

Customized Facilitated Discussions

Have a topic close to your heart?

A book that is begging
For discussion?

A reason to get a special group
together to just talk and connect while you make a vision board?

Let’s collaborate…

Facilitated informal discussions with people who recognize that many conversations are sacred space.

Let’s create that space together…