• discovery of Self® – pictures, words, dialogue – to learn more about yourself.
  • Soul Collage® – a creative, intuitive, and spiritual program based on the psychology and teachings of Carl Jung.
  • Career Coaching
  • Vision Boards
  • Essential Leadership

Artwork by Ismael Santillanes

  • discovery of Self® – pictures, storytelling, and dialogue to discover more about yourself.
  • Buy-Do-Be – discovering more of who you are by discussing your dreams.
  • What You Do Matters – discussions based on a series of books by Kobi Yamada.

Photo by Robert Collins, Unsplash

Facilitated discussions using Appreciative Inquiry methodology, with the expected outcome to be a much more focused and articulated awareness of purpose.  From that starting point of clarity comes a foundation from which to make decisions toward a goal…and, if done as a group, consensus and the creation of a collaborative effort to work together.