Some people are blessed with an early awareness of their life purpose, We easily recognize the youthful prodigies who compose or masterfully play a musical instrument, the math or scientific genius, the skilled artisan such as Michelangelo, the technology initiators such as Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, who change the world as we know it. Some may realize that they have gifts to share, but haven’t taken the next step of offering it back to the world.

For others, self – purpose may not be so easily recognized. Yet we all have gifts and wisdom that are a critical part of the solutions we seek. Especially today, I believe we are being awakened and reminded that we are the leaders and we have the answers we have been waiting for to solve the critical situations facing the world. It is through that increasing awareness that we start to recognize and remember that which we have to offer, that which we KNOW, and that which we came here to do. It’s about remembering who we are.

Is it no surprise that there is a you-tube capturing President Obama stating…”That’s not right, it’s not who we are” on 46 different occasions? Is it no surprise that in reading the book Divine Renovation,
that the author, Fr. Mallon, states repeatedly that the Catholic Church has lost all sense of its identity and who it is and why it exists? Is it no surprise that in the heat of our political discourse today, in the 2016 election primaries, we find ourselves asking (no matter which party you affiliate with) …”Is this truly the best person to represent us?” Is it not amazing that all of this is happening at the same time…this question of “Who are we? Why are we here? Why is this happening? Is that really What I Believe?”

As humans, we many times find out who we are by first defining who we are not. It is the yin yang scenario -reality in a linear, sequential, physical world,that told us that we needed opposites to define the whole. Or at least it was. Could it be that we have evolved to the point where opposites are no longer needed to serve our growth in knowledge? Could it be that it is time for us to rely on what we intuitively KNOW to be true, not having to experience opposites in order to determine that which is our truth?

By knowing our truth, we know who we are.

I call it Essential Leadership, coming from the Latin word “esse” meaning “to be.”

We are all who we were meant to be, and the sooner we remember it, embrace it and be it, the sooner the world can heal. “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Even the Bible reminds us that the earth is where our kingdom will be. It is up to us, now, at this time, to be. To be brave. To break rules and embrace new paradigms. To KNOW that there are solutions ready to be given through collaboration. Now.

I believe my purpose is to help you remember yours.

Through these blogs and my upcoming book, I am seeking to help each of you remember your “essence” by becoming aware of those things we do without being “trained” or “taught”; to realize the things we do instinctively that reflect who we are and give us clues to understanding why we are here. I want to help you grasp what you KNOW without having to explain to someone else why; recognizing that if it leads to a loving response, it is your truth.

It is also my intention to help you not only remember who you are, but to help you face the challenge of commitment to be that you with courage. The way to do this is to examine all aspects of your life, whether realized or not realized, to understand what experiences, contacts, and life events have happened to you to prepare you for this very moment. Whether you know it or not, you have created a lifetime series of experiences that have prepared you on this journey. Just as in training for the Olympics, or training to run a marathon, or taking classes to learn how to paint a masterpiece, you have been preparing and planning for this moment your entire life. Awakening to that understanding, you will have confidence. A sports announcer once asked the coach of one of the Super Bowl teams prior to the game, if he was nervous. The Coach said, “No, we are prepared.”

You are prepared. Now lets work together to recognize what you have prepared for, and put a plan into action.