I went back to watch for the fifth time, a you-tube video my daughter had forwarded to me. Martha Beck in an 8+ minute clip called The Pyramid and the Pool.

For me, the first minute said it all. Martha Beck absolutely nailed it. Martha Beck is the real life version of the “Mashed Potato Scene” from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Not sure what it is exactly, but “it’s important.” She’s my hero – she brought it home.

Martha Beck…a person who believes somehow that in her life time she will experience the global transformation of human consciousness. Not sure how she knows it, she just does. A person with a Ph.D. in Sociology….a person who tries to take “woo woo” ideas and prove them through scientific testing. Like a mind meld where the left and right brain come together. As a Martha Beck advocate, I have decided to also adopt the phrase “Woo Woo Person.” I get it!

It has been such a struggle for me these past few years being a small business consultant and coach. Trying on one hand to teach small business owners accountability; to measure key performance indicators, set goals, write and follow a strategic plan and then turn around and tell them to just follow their instincts and break the traditional rules of business. Do what they feel is right. I can see the glaze over the eyes…what???

Even trying to write a brief description of what my business includes sends my web master back to the aspirin bottle. Change number 48….Am I business? Am I spirituality? Am I education? What the heck am I going to do/be/teach/coach? Yes. All those things.

Convergence. The word keeps creeping into my vocabulary over and over. Covergence of science and spirituality. Business and spirituality. Health and science. There’s no more room for the business ME from 9 -5, family ME from 6-10, churchy feelings on Sunday or the Sabbath. Who we are is who we are, all the time, every day every minute. The values, feelings, actions, expressions of who we are impact the world in every word or thought we utter. Because our thoughts become words and our words become our actions.

The main theme of The Pyramid and The Pool….compassionate action by those who are willing to let go and become a part of the whole will eventually bring down those who hang on to power and greed to get to the top. Love melts the hardened heart. Its worth a hundred “look ats”…and absorbing the meaning.

It’s important.