Meet Pam

Pam Pech, Founder
Connecting Resources, LLC

Connecting Resources is my response to me wanting to fulfill my life purpose…reminding people why they are here – one conversation at a time.

I am a connector. Instead of dots, I connect ideas and I connect people. Facilitated conversations help people connect to their own inner “voice” or “calling” as to what they want to accomplish. How? Through what I like to call “Soul Chats”™ – intensive one-to-one listening and coaching sessions that answer the questions – “What?”, “So What?” and “What’s Next?”

I thrive on individual conversations where people share their passions, their dreams, their souls. I have found that by asking meaningful questions and creating an environment of “safe harbor” – where people felt completely free to express their feelings and ideas, profound change occurred- both personally and professionally – and not just for them, but for me as well.

I believe we are being called to do that which was put into our heart to do, and by doing so, by being authentic in who we are, we will create a business paradigm that will serve as the new model for the world’s commerce.

The new business model with be innovative, collaborative and “other-centric” Teamwork and creativity will not require that all agree, in fact just the opposite. The core will be respect and unison in what will be accomplished for the entity, the employee and the customer.

Facilitated conversations which provide more understanding and help aid consensus, small business support groups, coffee shop conversations about life events, issues, situations or hobbies, all bring us connectivity and common ground in what could otherwise be considered a polarized or divided world.

This is what Connecting Resources is all about…helping people connect to their real purpose through the awareness that comes from connecting mind, body and spirit. We not only become aware of our own “voice” but also realize the critical need to listen and honor the voices of others as well.