Connecting Resources was created out of my desire to help individuals recognize their God given skills and unique wisdom and take positive action on that knowledge. Just like a credit card, these gifts have been given to each of us, but also like a credit card, it doesn’t serve its purpose until it is activated by you.

I believe this growing awareness of purpose can be discovered by listening to our deeper selves and through mindful discussion with intentional listening.  By connecting resources – mind, body, heart and spirit, we start awakening to who we truly are and what we are here to do. When we move from intuitive fear to instrumental fear, and take positive steps toward our purpose – amazing positive energy begins to flow. These workshops and discussions are each based on these core beliefs.

The basic program is Essential Leadership.  It comes from the Latin Word “esse” to be – becoming aware of who we are.  Once we awake to that, true leadership kicks in.

This program is customizable for individuals (through career coaching) churches, educators, children and small group discussions.  It is an entire package with book, workbook, video clips, and videos which support an entire training program from beginning to end.


Essential Leadership Boot Camp
Customized Workshop

Experience how to apply
The Four Stages of Connection


Soul Chats™

Informal facilitated conversation around topics of your choice, with the intention of gaining new perspectives and realizing purpose.


Career Coaching

Helping You Identify Your Life Purpose
And Discover Ways to Move
Toward Making It A Career