ConnectI would LOVE for you to be a Resource on my Connecting Resources page. This page is for “Thought Leaders” – those who believe their work and services to be conscious, heart centered, and Spirit driven. I am not asking for anything in regard to payment, just hoping to give fellow N.E.T.Workers (New Energy Transfer Workers) a chance to create an online community for you to spread your information. If you are interested in having your information included on my website, please fill out the following form.  My webmaster and I will have your information posted on the Connecting Resources Page.  We will include your name, business name, photo, website, email address, and your brief description so that others can contact you!

If you would like to receive a Connect Cap like the one I am wearing, I can send one to you free of charge until 11/1/2021.  I’d love it if you could then post a new picture with you in the Connect Cap!

At a future date, we will together discuss your calendar events also being included on discovery of Self™’s calendar of events.

Please Mail a "Connect Cap" to me!
Mailed to you at no cost if you'd like to send a picture to me wearing it for this listing!
Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, Max. file size: 1 MB.
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