When I married and moved into a new home, my books were put into boxes and put into the new garage until shelves were made for them to be displayed. This took longer than expected. One day I told my friend that I was feeling a little down. She said…”It’s no wonder…all your best friends are in boxes in the garage.”

I laughed but never forgot what she said. It was so true. I inherited this love of books from my Dad. When my Father was diagnosed with cancer, we knew it was near the end when he started giving his books to friends. When I asked him how he felt about giving them away he said, “I’m not giving them away, I’m putting them out for adoption.”

I read incessantly. I am constantly sending my family and friends books. I do this for a couple of reasons but primarily I feel I am sending them “someone” who shares my ideas but has said it in an eloquent, researched and documented way. Books are ideas of other people…and I love ideas.

Whenever I give a presentation, I quote from many books. This usually causes many of the participants to ask me more about the book. So I started bringing books with me to pass around so they could browse through it. This become really cumbersome, so I started sharing book lists.

That is the purpose of this Resource Tab. I hope in this space to provide you with names of books, you-tubes, “tools” etc. that have influenced me and have lead me to the development of my beliefs. Obviously this will give my Web Master a real challenge to keep up with my ever expanding list, so I promise to give you those most influential in my life.

I hope you enjoy and continue to learn more about who you are.