“The simplest way to begin finding each other again is to start talking about what we care about. .. I believe we can change the world just by listening to one another again. Simple, truthful conversation where we each have a chance to speak, we each feel heard and we each listen well.”

-Margaret Wheatley
from her book, turning to one another

Soul Chats™ are facilitated discussions and study groups designed to explore our personal understandings and beliefs. They are our tools for dialogue that are designed to help us become Aware, Engaged, Compassionate and Activated. We will examine our thoughts and our presumptions about all aspects of life around us. Not just a couple of thoughts.…but how any thought or belief we have impacts our lives every minute of every day.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 11.10.01 PMFrom literature, sacred books to metaphysics, to ideas that have become important (maybe obsessive) in your life, concepts will be discussed, challenged and left to the individual to decide what they truly believe, KNOW to be true and discern if it is serving them and/or the world.

Why is this important? Because from our beliefs come our actions.

And our actions reflect who we are and what happens in our lives: at work, at play, in church, alone, with a group, as a parent, a child……its who we are.

It is through these conversations that life changing and world changing innovation occurs.

They are conversations from our soul.

As you will see in Previous Soul Chats, many chats topics are initiated and facilitated by individuals as they become aware of questions or ideas that surface from other discussion groups. Or it may be a topic that resonates with them to pursue more understanding. Many are done in a relaxed and informal manner in coffee shops.

These conversations can be customized and facilitated by you with the assistance of a Connecting Resources LLC affiliate on the topic of your choice.