Pam has been a Certified SoulCollage® Facilitator since 2019.

Created by Seena Frost and based on the psychology of Carl Jung, SoulCollage® is an artistic, spiritual, intuitive, creative process that helps you learn more about yourself by creating a deck of cards with pictures which hold a meaning for you. Similar to Tarot cards, you ask questions which your cards will answer. Unlike Tarot cards…you have made each card for a reason…so the answers came straight from your own wisdom and perhaps subconscious beliefs. An amazing project which finally gave me a tool to help you learn about yourself, rather than me thinking I could “teach you.” you are in charge from the moment you pick the picture, journal your feelings and listen to your story you create around that picture.

Both Intro to SoulCollage® and SoulCollage® classes are available and can be requested if not on the calendar.

For a listing of all SoulCollage® events and classes that may be near you, visit the SoulCollage® events calendar.