“I had the pleasure of working with Pam at Miracle Ear. Pam, as Senior Director of Franchise Operations, excelled in listening carefully to what her customers needed and then successfully delivered results to them. As President of Connecting Resources LLC, Pam has strong beliefs about respecting the individuals with whom she works. This enables her to help her customers realize their potential. I heartily recommend Pam’s services.”

Bob Wabler, President, Amplifon USA, Inc.

“Pam is one of my top ten people I have known and worked with in my nearly 45 years of work and professional life. She is one of those folks you love to collaborate with. She is a great coach and teacher because she is honest, smart, talented in the communication of complex ideas. She has a genuinely happy outlook on life and work and people in all settings.”

Jack Staudt, President, Affinity Staffing Group

“I first met Pam during my work with Amplifon as a marketing resource to her franchisees. Energetic, creative and professional, Pam provided me with a great example of women in leadership positions as I was beginning to grow in my own career. I would recommend Pam as a positive and productive member of any team and a mentor for young women in leadership.”

Elizabeth Grant, Marketing Manager, Amplifon

“Pam has the ability to ‘get the whole system in the room’ and is a pro at pulling out the positive in people, asking the right questions, and believing in her clients and colleagues. Even when assisting in the progress of her web site, I found Pam to be a creative and rich collaborator. She has the ability to listen deeply and draw out more questions and more inquiry that can propel creative process as well as ground it in a spirit of heart. I can see why she is in such high demand as a speaker, coach, and business consultant!”

Scott Schumacher, Owner and Lead Designer, HolisticGeek.com

“I thoroughly enjoyed Pamela’s presentation on teambuilding. Pamela has exceptional interpersonal skills. She was able to read between the lines, interpret the real issues of our team, and create solutions. I look forward to attending another seminar she conducts.”

Jan S. , M.S. CCC-A

“I really enjoyed your Unitron presentation. It was the liveliest seminar I have ever attended and I hope you will lead other seminars in the future. You gave some great information.

Ellen Mosher, Audiologist and Owner
Los Gatos Audiology and Hearing Aid Center

“Thanks so much for such a wonderfully interactive meeting last night. It was beneficial to get the entire team together like that….many good things will come of it. You’re a marvelous facilitator.”

Brian T,
Professional Development Manager, Unitron

“As Chief Operating Officer of Firstaff, I was one of the first executives to interview Pam Pech for a management position within our firm after she had moved to the Twin Cities area. Being a well established organization with a highly tenured staff of professionals, we had not previously considered hiring management talent from the outside.”

“Pam Pech brought to Firstaff not only the requisite knowledge and experience we needed but strong leadership skills as well. She was able to gain the support and “buy-in” for our new initiatives from our existing, cohesive, dynamic team who were initially somewhat skeptical of our new direction. For her to accomplish this as an “outside” speaks directly to Pam’s ability to empathize, listen and address concerns, and build trusting relationships at all levels of our organization. In no area was this more pronounced than within our management team.”

Terrence J.Petra, CPC, CTS, CIPC
Professional Services Consultants

“It was my special privilege to be invited to her first seminar for Miracle-Ear Women in the Franchise system. From the start, Pam had a keen eye to help develop the women in our franchisee system to become smarter, more confident and better communicators. She continued to present exceptional programs each year geared to improving our female franchisees in business but also as women and role models for those who would follow us.

I know Pam Pech to be an ethical, honest, sensitive woman, totally accountable to the task she undertakes. If Pam takes on a project you can expect exceptional results. More importantly, the results will come from a cooperative effort that includes the best ideas for the greatest good.”

Joyce Hill Cooley, RN, BC_HIS, COHC
Miracle Ear Franchisee

“I wanted to thank you for the business development seminar. I think it was the most valuable seminar I have attended. Pam was so good. I got so many great useful ideas that I am implementing now. I actually came into the office on Saturday because I couldn’t wait to get started.”

Julia Ahlquist Tanner, AuD,
The Hearing Solution Inc.
Sacramento California