The Four Stages of Connection
Capturing the Power of Collaboration



collaborationIt all starts with your own self discovery – who you are, your larger purpose, values, beliefs, ideas and what wisdom or gift you are being “called” to
give to the world.

Awareness comes from realizing what you have learned from the feelings you have internalized through your life experiences…as Oprah says, “What you KNOW to be true.”

Are you living YOUR truths? Are they serving you? Are they serving the world?

Transformational Pause

Hit the Pause Button! Take a breath. You have had some huge awakenings and it can be overwhelming. Now what do you do?

You now have become aware of what thoughts and beliefs are driving your life…and they may not be what you know to be true.

This is the space and time granted for you to make a choice. Do you embrace the uncertainty of the NOW and start moving forward toward your truths with courage?

Are you willing to listen to your inner voice and step into your intended purpose? Are you brave enough to share your wisdom?

Essential Leadership

You have now examined all your existing beliefs, are aware of how they influence all aspects of your life and have made the choice to act on your discoveries. Your next step is to apply your discoveries to all aspects of your life. How will that look? How do you envision what could be?

Through Soul Chats™ – conversations with others, and you confident and grounded in your truth…YOU evolve – and resources are connected.

Together an even greater Awareness occurs.

Powerful Collaboration

You have gone beyond individuality and competitive uniqueness.

You realize and accept that alone and aware we are strong. AND Together and Aware we are powerful beyond belief.

Whether as a united team striving to accomplish a bigger goal or as a resource to others seeking to learn how to achieve their goal – collaboration and creativity are the keys to powerful results.