I believe that we are each here, at this moment in time, to create solutions for the world, to start building a foundation for world peace based on love and compassion. And I believe we will discover those solutions through intuitively paying attention to our ideas, conscious conversation and intentional listening.

I believe, especially, that the children of the world are the messengers. They bring fresh perspectives that will change the course of humanity. Their ideas will be unusual, ground breaking and will be far from the “beaten path.” We need to pay attention and listen.

However, because the world is dysfunctional and divided in so many ways, these children may lose sight of their reason for being here. They may be categorized, labeled, and thrust into chaos at home, in school, and in their communities. The values of their family may instill beliefs that do not make sense to their light world “knowing.” They may find themselves feeling “bad”, depressed or lost.

discovery of Self® discussions are designed to help the adult and the child honor and understand their ideas, their creations, their dreams, and their thoughts and give them the tools to communicate them in a way that helps this generation recognize their importance.

I believe the ideas of the children of today are the bridges to create a new, better tomorrow. Ideas, dreams, visions will be critical and we need to pay attention. Be Aware. Be Conscious.

One side note: I believe we are ALL “God’s children.” No matter the age. It IS time..to reinvent the Wheel.

Photo by Depositphoto.