“Pam is the type of person we need more of in our communities, our professional networks and our circle of friends. She’s a thought leader in how our communities can prosper by educating our students, supporting our workforce and encouraging retirees to embrace life. She encourages people to fill their lives with true purpose and make a difference in every interaction. Her experiences as an educator, executive, workshop facilitator and networker enable her to facilitate meaningful discussions with professionals. She has a natural talent of connecting professionals based on their fundamental characteristics leading to more meaningful professional relationships. Her genuine nature makes her a great friend who’s willing to listen, provide advice and just share a good laugh. I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with Pam in all of the above aspects and feel truly blessed to know her.”

Jeremy Kiecker, C.P.A., Director Pieper, Whitaker & Bjork, LLC

“Many of us are focused on making connections through social media and other electronic platforms. Although these connections can be useful, working with Pam brings forward the truly human element of connections that most of us are seeking. She has an amazing ability to listen, evaluate your needs, and work with you to establish meaningful relationships. These are relationships that not only help you get your work done, but they are they are personally fulfilling as well. Pam is a master communicator, a strong advocate, and an even better friend.”

Mark DeRuiter, M.B.A., Ph.D., CCC-A/SLP, ASHA Fellow Director of Graduate Studies and Clinical Programs, University of Minnesota

Scott Schumacher“Pam has the ability to ‘get the whole system in the room’ and is a pro at pulling out the positive in people, asking the right questions, and believing in her clients and colleagues. Even when assisting in the progress of her web site, I found Pam to be a creative and rich collaborator. She has the ability to listen deeply and draw out more questions and more inquiry that can propel creative process as well as ground it in a spirit of heart. I can see why she is in such high demand as a speaker, coach, and business consultant.”

Scott Schumacher, Coach and Consultant, HolisticGeek.com

“SoulCollage® is the best group I have ever attended. Since the assault a year ago, I have attended several groups. Hands down SoulCollage® is helping me in a lot of areas.”

SoulCollage® Participant, Domestic Violence Resource Center, Reno, Nevada

“Pam is one of my top ten people I have known and worked with in my nearly 45 years of work and professional life. She is one of those folks you love to collaborate with. She is a great coach and teacher because she is honest, smart, and talented in the communication of complex ideas. She has a genuinely happy outlook on life and work and people in all settings.”

Jack Staudt, Former President, Affinity Staffing Group

“I don’t know exactly what to expect for results and I am still processing what happened yesterday. What I know for sure is you overwhelmed my expectations. I am not sure what all happened but I sense it. Was it intellectual? Emotional? Spiritual? What I learned is this “culture” is much bigger than I ever gave it credit for. And – I think many of us came face to face with our culture – perhaps for the first time.

Brian Peterson, Managing Partner, comments on an Essential Leadership Workshop PWB.
CPAs and Consultants

Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I’m not sure what just happened over the past six hours, but my life will never be the same.”
Essential Leadership Class Participant Reno, Nevada